Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gravitational Propulsion (Geocities Rescue)

I believe it is possible to build a propulsion system that uses centrifugal force to cleanly harness atomic power to move between space stations. Whether such a propulsion system is used to launch from the earth’s surface is uncertain, as reactor technology is likely not efficient enough achieve orbit.

To harness centrifugal force to propel the shift, magnetized weights are spun around a hinged drive shaft. These weights attempt to achieve a 90 degree angle from the source of the motion, the drive shaft. They are prevented from doing so by a repelling magnetic field. If the force of motion of these weights is greater than the mass of the craft, it will move (provide components are stronger than the forces exerted). At least two of these systems are used, rotating in different directions, so that the craft is stable. Altering the power of each system or moving the repulsing magnets provide steering control to the craft.

Do I know for certain that this will work? No, I am not a physicist. Do physicists know? No, not unless they have actually tried to build a working model with the intention of having it work. Now, you ask, why am I publishing this on my web page and my manifesto? The answer is obvious to anyone who deals with corporate and government science. I have no doctoral degree in physics. Without one, the establishment does not talk to me. It is possible that putting this out here leads someone to do an experiment, if only because someone else might. Of course, if someone does make this work, building an interplanetary craft is not be a trivial enterprise. For those who really want to make such an enterprise work (without relying on governmental largesse to do it - and with cheap lift the last thing we want is government control of this) a new way to manage aerospace efforts is offered in the next essay. In any event, someone with the wherewithal to test and build this will likely contact me to participate in such an effort.


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